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I don't see why you couldn't have made these points in the existing thread, but never mind.

Originally Posted by rictus
The Sith were a species, when the renegade jedi landed on Korriban, the race became intermingled with these dark jedi and together they created the Sith cult. Anyone could be inducted into this new cult if they showed potential.
This is already known to most people. What's your point in telling us, exactly?

Originally Posted by rictus
If you listen carefully to the dialog in game (and with an open mind, which I admit is not easy once you have formed an opinion) you will see that there is no indication that the True Sith are a race.
Just as there is no indication that they are anything else.

Originally Posted by rictus
It also says that "it is therefore possible" this is not proof, merely another hypothesis on faulty information.
Anyone could say the same about your hypothesis.

Originally Posted by rictus
But I believe there is very evidence to point to them being a race, and a great deal of (circumstantial) evidence to indicating they are the members of the original Sith Cult.
That's just confusing. It seems like you've set out to prove that the True Sith aren't a race, but then you seem to state that it's more likely they are a race.

Correct me if i'm wrong in my interpretations.
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