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"A Stormtrooper clone, eh? I'm expecting a lot of 'uh's', 'um's', and 'wait a minute's' in this speech. After all, a copy of a copy isn't always so sharp!"

A copy!?!? Kyr'am was no such thing, he was the real deal and was not going to let this girl openly insult him like that. He was able to pick up this small whisper due to his advanced training.

"Actually Di'kut you are mistaken. I'm an Advanced Recon Commando aka ARC Trooper. I was one of the first clones to see combat and I'm one of the last real clones alive. Also as you can see my armor is different than that of a Stormtrooper, I still have my armor from the Clone Wars. So I am sorry to disapoint you with my "wait a minute's" but I'll try to do my best Di'kut." Kyr'am looked at the clock and watched it change from 11:40 to 11:42. It was either poor technology or the work of someone with the force. "Now I've been called here today to get you students to join up with the Empire." He looked at the clock and watched it change from 11:42 to 11:43. "You can join up as a Stormtrooper, and Officer, and for some of you who are able to use the force... like changing the time of the clock for instance, there's a spot for you too. I'm not going to stand up here and force you to join up with us but instead I'd like to take questions you might have about the Empire, or me... hell I'll answer questions about the Clone Wars too!" Kyr'am was actually happy to add that last comment in. He then wondered if anyone actually spoke Mando'a in the room, or if they would just think di'kut was just a way of being polite, he hoped for the second one.
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