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Originally Posted by strykr93 View Post
I GOT IT!!!! delta gets ordered to do uther stuff,like at the end of the first game. but, on the side, omega squad gets a special briefing from yoda and delta's advisor, saying that their new mission is to find and extract sev (delta dun know about this).then, when you find sev and extract him, u see cutscene with YAY SEVS BACK :P and whatnot and your delta again
I still don't understand this mass fanboyism regarding Delta Squad, and especially Sev.

I still think it's more likely that the next game would likely be a 'spritual sequel', either a Rebel Commando or an Imperial Commando.

Rebels would be a perfect choice - Rebel forces operate in small, specially trained units, with missions that would suit such a game perfectly.

I think it's time that LucasArts moved away from Clones and the Clone Wars, and focused on later periods of Star Wars lore.
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