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Zalack Felth walked with Lieutenant Vakle both were Imperial NovaTroopers of the 1st NovalTrooper Division. They we're going to patrol near a school. "Captain Felth, I am goin to do one of those medical searches next month." Said Lieutenant Vakle who was a StormSurgon. "Roger"

Zalack led a sqaud near the school. there were four members in the sqaud. Himself, Senior StormSergeant Vladmire who was his Assistant, StormSergeant Chezh,StormCorporal Vinn and the infamous Private Xichlol.

"Ok Spread out and set up check points around the school, remember this is part of a grade Private Xichlol." Zalack said lifting unslinging his T-21 heavy rifle.

Senior StormSergeant Vladmire noticed a ship flying into the sky of the planet.
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