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Wii want Wi-Fi!!!

So I've been trying to get my Wii connected to my Wireless router, but so far it's not gone too smoothly...after some digging, I've found this page, and I tried to apply their solution of the MAC filtering...I switched it to "on" on my router, but pretty soon after, my desktop (which is wirelessly connected) lost connection to the router, and so did all my other devices...So because I couldn't get back into the router settings wirlessly, I had to get the 'ol ethernet cable out to plug my laptop into the router and fix the settings back...

But my question is this:
The above site mentions this:"If MAC filtering is turned on, you will need to enter the Wii console's MAC Address into one of the available fields."

But I'm thinking I'm gonna have to do that for all my other devices as well, or am I wrong here? Because surely that's what's messed up the connection for my PC and such...

I'm just asking in case there's an easier solution I've overlooked or something.

My Wii is recognizing my router as an access point, and I can enter my WEP-Key, it just seems to have problems connecting to the router after that, so it generated an error code which led my to that page on the Nintendo support site.

ANy help would be welcome

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