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A plate of durasteel dropped down the three-hundred meter pit that, at some point, had been a working turbolift. He shrugged and attached his magnetic rappel line, then activated his magnetic boots. He slid in, then attached his boots to the durasteel wall and began half-walking, half-dropping down the pit. It was a rather disorienting experience, but at least there was no chance of him being detected as he came down.

He landed several minutes later, a small, nondescript door in his way, and no signs of a terminal or mechanical lock. Kando was getting annoyed, it was like they were trying to make his job as irritating as possible. He slapped a charge against the door and dropped against the wall.

The explosion tore the dore apart and flung shards of duraplast through the lift. Still, his entry was clear. Entry hall was clear, too, no signs of turrets, droids, security guards, little dogs, or even a decent holocam. There was a working terminal nearby, though. Kando sat, calling up facility schematics.

What in the name of Grievous' mum's bosom?

This was it. Three rooms, a control center, a personal chamber, and a holocomm room. He settled back against the wall, calling up the mission recording. The Neimoidian's face was clearly visible.

Lott Dod.

The former Trade Federation ambassador to the Senate and CIS bigwig. Well, ex-bigwig. The Empire would be glad to know he was dead.

Curious, he began investigating the terminal. Most of it was personal logs and communications with Grievous and Nute Gunray, irrelevant now. But wait...this was interesting.

Activation and deactivation codes for half the CIS military. The CIS leadership had supposedly deactivated all droids, but this would be a way to reactivate them or deactivate them if they had lied. They probably already had codes that could do this, but this was, at the very least, a useful countermeasure, just in case.

He reached into his pack and withdrew a small transceiver. It would pipe a signal into Hyperspace, which would eventually reach the ISD Exactor, which would then dispatch a shuttle to pick him up.

Not often that I get an easy job. He pulled the data core off the terminal and headed back to the turbolift shaft, preparing for the long trip up.
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