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The wind served more use to him than just to keep him refreshed or to ruffle his auburn hair. As he blew out another breath of smoke, he dropped the deathstick to his side and allowed the wind to take the cloud from his lips. His green eyes squinted into the bright sunlight as he looked out across the courtyard of the 'educational facility', but his ears were turned inside. A nearby window was left open for the cooling air to pass through, and through the space drifted the sound of security feeds from every classroom in the building.

As he listened, he picked out individual voices and listened for a time to the lectures occurring - some taught history, another was yelling at a student, a third explained anatomy. Finally, he locked in on one that he had been searching for - he picked out a voice that he was surprisingly familiar with...though normally, it came automated through the breathpiece of a Clone helmet. Chasten smirked to himself. He's quite eloquent, isn't he? he thought wryly to himself as he took another drag. Now he knew why the Empire didn't generally let their 'war heroes' do the talking.

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