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Originally Posted by M@RS
No, he gave us his gifts to use for him, brilliant people are made by God to show that God does indeed exist and that a literal six day creation is true. Now say you had kids, let's just say that, now say you gave two of your kids an order to clean their rooms, one does it immediately and the other goes to their room and doesn't clean it, now to the kid who obeyed you, you give them something they like, the other is punished, now you gave them the choice to do whatever they wanted. Also, let's say that you built the house that you live in. The kid who was punished decides, that since you're so "unfair" You don't exist, and then further decides that the house evolved over a long period of time from a splinter. Do you see how weird that is, that's just how humanity acts today, just on a larger scale.
So, if I understand this right, you're basically saying that humanity has made up evolution?

That's a really bad analogy to be using, though.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
I'd like to add that a house in fact might have grown from like a bunch of tree semen. ^^
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