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Thanks for the fast repley nizwiz!
You seem like a nice guy, and im pleased with your answers.
Even though I still have a few to ask; I hope you or others can answer:

1: Would it be a waste learning modding for the game, since the community is slowly diying, dueing new game updates from the creators. When I say 'waste' I mean would I be able to use this knowledge in newer game, or atleast a bit? (please answer more then 'yes' or 'no')

2: You suggest me to use either the Vanilla SDK or the OJP.
First of all, I need to know; if I use these Software developer kits, like OJP. Then I could make my own extentions to this mod, but would that also work with other SDK, like Lugor or Vanilla. Also who/what is Vanilla I never heard of that 'SDK'

3: As for the compiler, you say i indeed can use Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition, which is a freeware if im right, but wouldn't the professional edtion be better. Now I ain't talking about piracy, but that my school are having almost any programming software, and they hand out free serials for students. IF a Professional key is free, would you suggest me to use that instead, and would I be able to get the same help as I would in 2008EE?

4: If I wanted to use the SDK from OJP, you suggest me to talk to them self, the OJP guys. Is that because their version of the SDK have the nessary fixes to work with the Visual C++ 2008 EE, that your code fixes for Vanilla SDK have?

I hope you understand these consurns and would answer them
Thanks for the help so far!

.. // IPO


In the second case, I'd suggest you hook up with the OJP guys themselves (look in the "hosted forums" section to find their sub-forum).

Also aint I able to use the "JKA SDK" which seems to be the most nutral one? Just a question, not that Im sure I want to.
Where to find this, if I may ask?

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