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I say that Galaxies kinda got it right with making Jedi a starter class(*dodges all the rotten veggies thrown at him*) The problem isn't with the Jedi as a starting class. It's the time period. There weren't supposed to be so many jedi. And believe me, I HATE Jedi in Galaxies... I mean HATE!!!

Lets face it, according to lore, jedi are trained from very early on in their lives. Younglings basically... so by the time they are adults they should already be a jedi. Now as a starting class, they would have to have their advantages, but also have their disadvantages. Heck you could make it to where the only places they can get missions out of for the first 20 to 30 levels is out of the Jedi/Sith academies. Basically bore them out of the jedi roles haha... Make it tedious to become a Jedi Master. If the other classes can gain levels and max out faster, you will see that only the dedicated would want to be jedi. Jedi should be able to have good defenses, but lose out on combat effectiveness in other areas... Maybe less damage...

1:1 balance is a bad idea in an MMO. All it does is cause endless nerf cries. So you give each class it's weaknesses based around another classes strengths.

Give soldiers higher Dex Str and Stam bonuses for the fights... Heavy armors and area damage weapons so they can beat a jedi to death... Give them advantages over jedi that would mean a jedi against a soldier should almost always lose... Unless the soldier is exceptionally bad, and the Jedi is exceptionally good.

Give Scoundrels the ability to avoid damage like crazy. But make them more vulnerable to force attacks. so against a soldier, they should always win... against a jedi should be signing their own death warrant...

Now I'm not fully fleshing it out, but that's just my take on it. Basically there should be up to 6 combat classes. Each one should have it's class it can defeat easily, one that it gets beaten up by profusely, and one or two that can go either way...

Heck it could be something like
Jedi<Soldier<Medic<Scoundrel<Bounty Hunter<Creature Handler<Jedi

Now before you Han Shot first guys jump on me, I got two things to say. 1) Han was in a cantina, it's like his home there. 2) Greedo was a very bad bounty hunter, and Han was an exceptional smuggler.

Ok Boba Fett... well he kinda got taken out by a creature....

Why that way?
Jedi is weak against heavy fire but good at close range
Soldier is weak against poisons good at throwing damage out
Medic bad at normal damage, good at poison damage
Scoundrel bad at ranged defense. immune to most poison damage(proximity to all the spice)
BH bad at dealing with multiple targets, good at ranged attacks
CH bad at close range, good at sending animals to attack.

Ideally you would in a group have a scoundrel take out their medic, first. but he'd have to get TO the medic haha

Just my thoughts on it...
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