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Originally Posted by Silveredge9
Nihilus is opposite to the Exile in a sense that they were presented the same choice, yet chose opposite paths - Which itself should have no bearing on the gender, appearance or age of Nihilus whilst he actually had an idenitity.
I agree here. The Exile-Nihilus theory is a good one, but I really doubt it has anything at all to do with how Nihilus's old life was (appearence, etc.)
Originally Posted by Ztalker
A possible Sion. And guess what? His best friend/padawan, Lucien Draay, has lost everything at this point. His position as a Jedi Master, he's accused (rightfully) of murder....and he has a mother called Krynda. All three Sith Lords could originate from these 3....Sion, Nihilus, Kreia...
Although I think Krynda may be Kreia/Traya, I don't think that Haazen becomes Sion. The prosthetics don't help him here. Really, Lucien Draay looks like he's heading in that direction in the comics (, and he's more likely to be subervient to someone in personality). Just think about the conversation with Sion to a male Exile about the "favorite son" thing. Creeeeppppyyyy... but interesting.
Originally Posted by JCarter426
I hope not. It better not be Zayne, you hear?!
Amen! I kinda like Zayne; he's just a kid in over his head. It would be horrible for him to end up as Nihilus...
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