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Well, why not have Jedi be really good at 1 thing, and suck at everything else?

For example, resto druids in WoW literally take a month to kill, they use Heals-over-time and their form changing abilities to survive. It literally will take an entire team to take just one down.

The thing is though, they outlast their enemies to death, they don't do any damage at all, they rely on others to take out other players while everyones distracted with the druid.

Why not make Jedi similar? Give them the ability to deflect blaster bolts, and heal themselves, but give them a very small damage output to counter that.

It would work in a PvP sense if the Jedi player has alot of patience and teamwork, and it would make a great PvE class to play too, taking on the role of the tank.

On the otherhand, you could have a Sith player as the total opposite, and extremely high damage output, but a very low defense and health, much like the combat specced rogue class in WoW.

Just my thoughts on that side ,sorry for comparing everything to WoW :P

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