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There's been a lot of speculation on how MI2 and 3 fit together. I think the idea was originally that the whole of the first two games were simply meant to be all taking place inside the stretched imagination of a little boy at a theme park, but then MI3 came along and disregarded that, suggesting that it was actually just a spell that LeChuck had placed upon him.

As for the ending of MI3, they'd run out of money at the end so they couldn't explain everything, but what was planned was for Elaine to escape, fight off a bunch of the undead pirates and switch the track so it didn't take Guybrush down to hell, and then she and Guybrush would escape after killing LeChuck. Again, without the money to do this, they simply had to explain that Elaine had switched the track somehow (I think at some point you get back to the bit with her tied up and she's no longer there suggesting she escaped... though I could be wrong I haven't played this game in too long), and thus we get the very short, somewhat underwhelming ending of them sailing off into the sunset after getting married.

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