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Inside Cha Drithma's rather crowded classroom, one student did indeed have a question for Alpha Commander Kyr'am: "Yeah--how do you Clones use the refreshers? Do you go inside your suits or something?" Snickers from the class.

"Jen'dro Thul. You know that was a completely inappropriate query for our distinguished guest speaker, and now your paper on the causes of the Clone Wars shall be twenty pages instead of ten. I suggest you remain silent for the remainder of this classroom period, unless you have something that is actually constructive to say." Cha Drithma's image appeared displeased. The offending student groaned and slunk down in his seat, praying for lunchtime.

"I actually do have a question," said Chasi Vtorie, humbly resetting the clock to its proper time, which was now 11:41 instead of 11:45 AM. "A serious one. Is it true that the Empire is evil, or is that just a rumor that's been spread by loyalists to the Old Republic and surviving Jedi--if there are any?" A weighty pause. Most of the class was slightly unnerved by this question, as was Cha Drithma. "I don't understand why the Jedi, who are reported to have been the guardians of peace in the galaxy for millennia, would turn traitors."

"That's 'cause you're stupid!" mumbled Jen'dro Thul between his teeth, but he noticed the Alpha Commander staring simultaneously at both him and Chasi.
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