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As Coldbreath sat at the counter he slowly waited, casually drinking from his glass of Lomin ale. It wasn't the best brew he drank before, but it was alright. He slowly waited while a human patron walked over and sat down beside him.

"Ah Coldbreath. What brings you to Coruscant?" The human contact asked him.

"Oh this and that. Kalee got very boring, everyone with their many wives and all. I guess I would hang out here a while until someone with a more high paying job needs me. Last week these guys from Coronet just wanted me to deliver this package of death sticks to these guys. It was so easy a kid could do it." Coldbreath said between gulps of his drink.

"Yeah I know the feeling. Well besides the Empire being here everything is the same. Though the stormtroopers are tightening their grip on Coruscant. Last week Joyn tried to buy a blaster and was almost shot by this patrol. They actually thought he threatened them with it." The human patron joked to Coldbreath.

"Knowing Joyn that was the last thing he was doing." He mumbled slowly. He quickly ordered another Lomin ale.

"Yeah. Better be careful Coldbreath. I know a few Stormtroopers would probably want an excuse to shoot you." The human patron stood up and walked out of the cantina. Coldbreath sighed as he downed his final drink and left. The whole Empire scene didn't feel to different to Coldbreath. Though the Stormtroopers were annoying, the Empire felt like the Republic just ruled by one person.

"Lets see. What should I do now?" Coldbreath sighed as he looked at a grand view of Coruscant. The large amount of ships flying by was always mesmerising.

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