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Zalack and his sqaud stopped serveral students who were late to thir class.

"We should be off doing something other than serving as School Police." Seinor StormSergeant Vladmire said to zalack who was now clearing a Rodian Teacher.

"So your're the Rodeian language teacher correct?" Zalack asked the rodian.

"Yes, im coming back from lunch."

"Ok, your're clear to go."

"Your right Vladmire. I hate acting as a Police force." Zalack saw Lieutenant Vakle walking torwards him.

"Captain, me and a sqaud of Stormtroopers are here to provide relif to your day, by getting you out of this area you can focus on escorting a High Ranking Imperial Officer. General Okto in charge of the 1st StormPolice Unit. He's recived many threats from these people the Empire calls the Rebel Alliance. You are to escourt him to the Govenors office." Lieutenant Vakle said he was a tall man he wore shining black armor just like therest in the Nova Division, he also wore a Dark Red shoulder pauldron marking him as a medic.

"Roger Lieutenant. Vladmire you shall take point we'll follow him on foot. Xichlol you cover us from the school building. the rest of you follow Senior StormSergeant Vladmire's orders he's the SLIT Sqaud Leader In Traning.
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