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"IAS Victorious coming on station. Alpha Ninety-Nine, do you copy?"

The ARC pulled his helmet off and looked up at the night sky, searching for the subtle disappearance of stars as the Acclamator entered low orbit. No sign, but that was hardly a shock.

"Loud and clear, Victorious. I've recovered the data core, and all hostiles in the area, including Senator Lott Dod, have been neutralized. Permanently."

"Really? Dod was hiding down there? Good work, Commando. We've got a Larty standing by. Ready for extraction?"

"Copy that."

He bounced the data core in his hands, whistling a little tune he had learned quietly, until the quiet whistle from the incoming LAAT/I's engines turned into a deafening crescendo that blared out anything. A man in a Naval Commander's uniform stepped out of the gunship and smiled at him, beckoning him aboard. He gratefully stepped into the cabin, which promptly closed and took off.

"Did you retrieve..." Kando handed the data core to him. "...Oh. Tidy."

"Job done." The ARC smirked

"Right. Job done. You've been reassigned, Kando."

"What? No more crawling up the CIS' corpse looking for flies, Anders?"

"No, you've been taken off active duty. Placed on training assignment."

Kando groaned. This wasn't the first time he had heard about ARCs being reassigned to training, but this was the first official time he'd heard about it. "You've got to be kidding me. Teaching the next generation of mes? What's wrong with Walon Vau and the rest of the trainers on Kamino?"

"Nothing. The next generation of ARC troopers should be taught by them. You've been reassigned to Non-Clone Training."

"Small wonder the Captain didn't tell me himself. When am I getting shipped off?"

"Right after we land on the Victorious. Sorry to do this to you, Kando. These orders come down from over my head. Way over my head."

"We do as we're ordered, Commander. Where am I getting shipped?"

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