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The tension inside the classroom in which Chasi Vtorie sat was so thick you could cut it with a lightsaber--if such things existed anymore, seeing as how the Jedi Order had been exposed as enemies of the First Galactic Empire. Of course, not only the Jedi used lightsabers, but when had kids such as Nylen and Chasi ever seen a Sith who wielded them? Never was the answer, and never would probably be the answer for the rest of their natural lives. Not that Chasi was anxious to meet one, but the thrill, even the thrill right before her very death, would fill her with a sense of destiny fulfilled.

Again, not that Chasi wanted that particular destiny to befall her. She turned to Nylen and again to the front of the room as the Alpha Commander made some vague and slightly bureaucratic reply to her question of whether the Empire was evil. A smart commander wouldn't say anything that would either prove or disprove me, she thought, so my question was stupid. I should have kept my mouth shut and listened to the rest of his speech.

Suddenly, she felt a tiny parcel of flimsi make its way into her left hand. A missive, most likely from Nylen, though she was very careful not to make direct eye contact with her best friend in case Cha Drithma was still keeping a vigilant set of eyes upon her eighteen charges. Opening the note, she read: "Refreshers--now." Nodding, Chasi signaled for her teacher and the Alpha Commander to excuse her, as did Nylen, and together they slunk out of their seats and toward the classroom door. Hoping that none of the other students would think there was anything amiss--just two of their fellow classmates heading for an emergency constitutional--the girls walked rather briskly to the refreshers and ducked into one of the larger stalls together.

"It's almost lunchtime," Nylen said. "Let's both ditch school and the cafeteria altogether. Something's not right about all of this, and about our 'guest speaker.' I mean, did you notice how he answered your question about the Empire? It wasn't exactly the most subtle of questions to ask, Chasi, but it sure cut straight to the point. Agreed?" Chasi nodded again, though her eyes betrayed doubt about Nylen's plan and about the demerits they'd surely get.

"Look, either we get demerits or we get conscripted," grumbled Nylen, slightly frustrated at her friend's sense of needless propriety. "Who cares about following school rules when we're about to graduate and troopers like this Clone trazwad are breathing down our necks? Let's go." She and Chasi emerged from the stall just as the buzzer sounded to let them out for lunch. Within moments, the hallways of the educational facility were swarming with hungry, unwashed teenagers, the perfect setting for Nylen and Chasi to make their unexcused escape. They snuck through the corridors until they reached the exit, where after pushing open the doors, they started speedwalking...
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