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Originally Posted by RakataDark View Post
It vaguely reminds me of Mission but still doesn't look like her. I suggest lightening up her skin tone a little and making her face look a little more... young. Mission was 14 in Kotor and this Twi-lek looks much older then her
I was thinking the same thing at first, but then it occurred to me that she is several years older by the time TSL takes place. It would really be interesting to see some of the other characters aged a little for TSL. I'm still miffed that they did not bring Jolee back as a prominent TSL character.

Anyway, I would love to see an older Zaalbar to go with her. Maybe he could replace the irritating Goto.......

[/shameless hint]

That was a rambling way of saying: I like it! Nice Job!

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