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LS Female (pretty much my only way of playing): Kairi Niko. My niece requested the name "Kairi" from something she was reading. Niko is the name of a Jedi-like character in the animated series Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. In-universe explanation is that Bastila named her after her paternal grandmother, Kairiana Nikovan-Shan.

DS Male (for mod testing purposes): Joran Avon. "Joran" after the insane Dax host, and "Avon" after the sociopathic Kerr Avon.


DSM (pretty much play that exclusively): Cian Li-Bek. "Cian" was an Irish hero, and "Li-Bek" actually was actually named for Liam Beckett (aka "Liam Kincaid") of Earth: Final Conflict.

LSF: Danni Jace. Obtained by Random name generator, and keep it because I liked it.

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