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Originally Posted by rictus135 View Post
The True Siths origins as a race and not a people, happened on these very forums! Not in the games.
Uh? Ok then... explain to me the abundant number of quite geeky and zeitgeist-filled conversations I had as a teenager with many others in the plethora of conventions I went to in the late 80's on this topic?

Originally Posted by rictus135 View Post
Again, you are confusing the Sith race with the True Sith.
No I am not, and I would thank you for not making assumptions (bad ones at that) when I have informed you otherwise in my statement.

Originally Posted by rictus135 View Post
The Sith race lived on Korriban long before the Sith Cult rose as a threat to the Jedi and galaxy at large.
During the Unification Wars, the Jedi outlawed Darkside practices, leading to the Second Great Schism thousands of years later in which Jedi and Dark Jedi battled for dominance. The Dark Jedi were defeated and exiled, eventually settling on Korriban the home of the Sith Race. The Dark Jedi interbred with the Sith and adopted their religion. This is the origin of the Sith Empire, and also the origin of the Sith Order or Sith Cult

The above is all canon, not my guesswork or the guesswork of others. So the Sith Race has been around for a long time, but the True Sith were first theorized to be a race on these forums.

So far there is no canonical definition of the True Sith. But I believe there is very evidence to point to them being a race, and a great deal of (circumstantial) evidence to indicating they are the members of the original Sith Cult.
Oy! Here we go again... canon... that mysterious thing that gives people the authoritah to tell others they don't know crap.

And this all has absolutely nothing to do with what I told you or the point I was making.

Sorry, but the True Sith/Sith Race/True Sith Race was an idea that that did not originate here on these forums, unless Lucasforums was around RPG, sci-fi, and comic conventions in 1987-88?

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