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Kyr'am ignored the students remark about the refreshers and called on the girl next to the di'kut.

"Is it true that the Empire is evil, or is that just a rumor that's been spread by loyalists to the Old Republic and surviving Jedi--if there are any? I don't understand why the Jedi, who are reported to have been the guardians of peace in the galaxy for millennia, would turn traitors."

Kyr'am had not been ready for this kind of question, espically one that was personal to him. He had forgotten where he was and heard a familier voice inside his head.

"Kyr'am how much longer until we reach Utapau?" the jedi asked.

"Another hour or two... I don't know who's more impaitent sometimes, you or your brother Bard'ika."

"Its me without question vode" the jedi replied back, "Say how are things going with you an Omega Squad?"

"Things are going fine with them..."

"I mean with Darman"

"Oh... he still wants to kill me"

"I would to after what you did"

"I probably would myself and then some" and the two laughed.

He snapped back to reality looking around at the students.

"The Empire isn't evil, our goal is to bring peace to the galaxy and we will do so once the CIS is gone. As for the jedi... they tried to kill the Emperor and therefore went against us."

The first part he believed to be true but he was just as confused as the girl was about the jedi. Kyr'am still didn't understand why they had to die, they could have helped defeat the CIS much quicker. He continued to speak until the bell rang. All the students rushed out of the class room, probably for food or maybe the day was over. He put his helmet back on and looked at the holoimage of the teacher.

"Thank you for your time ma'am," Kyr'am said as he walked out of the classroom.

He couldn't help but feel bad for the answer he had given to the one girl that was actually serious he ahd to lie to. The again he did notice her looking at the clock alot... and when she did the time would seen to change. With the added bonus of the question of the jedi and her seriousness of the question led Kyr'am to believe that she was either really close to the jedi or she had some force powers. The another thought entered his head, maybe she could help him out. He watched as the girl and her friend Di'kut walked down the hall, he followed them at a distant pace, but enough to follow their movements.

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