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New MSH viewer


Having had a go at a few levels using the ZeroEditor, I've often found it difficult to know what models look like and what textures they need. So I've written a MSH viewer that renders the models much more accurately than 3D ObjectViewer. The viewer has a bunch of other features such as debugging, drag and drop MSH loading, walk mode and VRML export.

*** Also just included Terrain (.TER) map import which will have the ability to replace the height map (say with a fractal image) and get some real terrains in there. I'm planning to have some automatic features such as texturing the height map with snow on the peaks and grass on the plains - now that will be fun! *** This bit will be going into a seperate app for terrain editing only

Version 0.02 (BETA) with quicklinks to BF1&2 models now available from

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