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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine View Post
I know next to nothing about modding, but even I can tell that this looks nothing like Mission.



The skin is too dark (probably picked a dark pixel there), her lips are too red (again, dark pixel), her nose is too wide and the wrong shape, her eyebrows are too thick, there is no outline around the eyes and the facial structure, especially around the lines of the mouth and chin are all wrong.

It seriously just looks like you took a blue Twi'lek skin and decided to call her Mission without even trying to make her look like the character, so I'm not sure why you're turning down good advice. Seems counter-intuitive to me to start a WIP and not know how to take helpful criticism.
I had Mission's K1 texture open as my only guide when doing this; And, I even started with a green female Twi'lek skin. As for the facial structure, it is because of the female Twi'lek head model. (Something beyond the control of any modder). The skin is not too dark; I made sure of that, as too I did with the lips. The eyebrows are as thick as they are for any of the other female Twi'lek heads; Again, beyond the control of any modder.

Again, I started with a green female Twi'lek as my base texture. I did the best that anyone could possibly do to make her look like Mission. I don't turn down good advice; I turn down advice that is not relevant or is redundant. (Again, because I did the best that any "honest" modder could do.) Again, "helpfulness" is relative to the advice. (Which, again, I filter the good advice while I ignore the redundant & irrelevant advice.)

Anyways, my next step is the portrait-making. After that, I still have a couple skins to do in order to make her be like a normal female Exile...

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