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Zalack and his qaud headed towards General Oktos position, an Imperial Forward Outpost along the edge of the 1st StormPolice's HQ.

Vladmire led the sqaud to the Outpost. The General wore a very nice White uniform, he had several medals and the Emperors cross a medal awarded to the best members of the Galatic Empire Millitary. a StormTrooper stood next to him he wore a black StormTrooper pauldron. "Gl-462 tell the Govenor that the escourt is on the way. The Govenor was always in touch with ethier General Okto or Colonel Neyo the commander of the 1st NovaTrooper Divsion.

Vladmire saluted the General. Then zalack stepped up to him and also saluted.

"StormCaptain Zalack Felth 1st NovaTrooper Division StormBattalion Compony A." Zalack said.

"Good Lieutenant Vakle has said well of you, im supprised that you and the Humans have become freinds." General Okto said with a wicked smile.

"When we are soldiers on the battlefield we dont have time to be predjidice." Zlack said with an angery look that was concealed by his NovaTrooper Helmet he wore a yellow shoulder pauldron.

"Well, how about we get on with this excourt shall we?" General Okto said with an angery look on his face.

Zalack noticed two grils from the school coming down the street.

"Didnt know school let out." Zalack said.

"well the StormTruency Officers will deal with it." Vladmire replyed to zalacks response.

"Well lets roll." Said an Imperial AT-ST pilot. they were going in a big convoy as a distraction while the General will go with a small StormPolice armored vehicle.
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