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Originally Posted by Ferc Kast View Post
I had Mission's K1 texture open as my only guide when doing this;
Problem number 1.

And, I even started with a green female Twi'lek skin.

As for the facial structure, it is because of the female Twi'lek head model. (Something beyond the control of any modder).
Not really, unless there's something wrong with how Taina's Replacer treats that head. In any case whether or not the facial structure is appropriate is fairly irrelevant (which is why I didn't mention it).

The skin is not too dark;
Yes it is.

I made sure of that, as too I did with the lips.
The lips are too dark, the wrong color, and don't blend in with the rest of the skin like Mission's lips do.

The eyebrows are as thick as they are for any of the other female Twi'lek heads;
Which is all fine and dandy for them, but as you yourself mentioned you are not making "any of the other female Twi'lek heads," you are making Mission Vao. Judging from her KotOR head she plucks her eyebrows. She wouldn't stop doing that just because... well you haven't given an explanation for that.

Again, beyond the control of any modder.
Uh, no. The eyebrows are painted on, not modeled on. Paint her some new ones.

Again, I started with a green female Twi'lek as my base texture.
Green, purple, polka dot, it's still not an excuse for the head not looking as it's supposed to.

I did the best that anyone could possibly do to make her look like Mission.
Don't speak for everyone here. I'm sure there are a fair amount of modders who would claim they could make a better likeness out of the same things you started with.

I don't turn down good advice;
Yes you did.

I turn down advice that is not relevant or is redundant.
It was neither redundant nor irrelevant.

(Again, because I did the best that any "honest" modder could do.)
"Honest"? It's not like we asked you to rob a bank. We just gave you suggestions on how to make the head look better.

Again, "helpfulness" is relative to the advice. (Which, again, I filter the good advice while I ignore the redundant & irrelevant advice.)
You ignore all advice given to you that suggests your mods aren't amazing, it seems.

Honestly, you could do with a reality check. Please leave your ego at the door.

If you want to be a good modder, take advice. Don't fling it back at the people who've given it to you. The rest of us are tired of seeing self-centered modders who think they know everything (which is why we're trying to help you).

But I'm sure I don't speak for just myself when I say we'll be happy to leave you alone if you'd like.

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