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Originally Posted by Ferc Kast View Post
I had Mission's K1 texture open as my only guide when doing this; And, I even started with a green female Twi'lek skin. As for the facial structure, it is because of the female Twi'lek head model.
Heya Ferc,

Have you tried using one of the Twin Sister models as your base? The one with the solid cap worked really well for me when I was working on a custom mod for myself. She also has a flesh toned skin which reacts to lighting and highlights much easier.. Mission has a really 'bright' face so the pale base really helped out. Color match (no grabber) and you should (or could, no pressure ) get a very close facsimile of Mission.

For some reason the Twin Sister head just reacted much better with my experiments (could be a placebo effect though since they have skimpier clothing )

If you give your new Mission a little blush across her cheeks nose and chin.. and 'shape' her lips with a dark outline.. and splash a few very light freckles and I guarantee you'll be happier. Though it'll require more .2da messing should you want her to wear robes rather than the leather outfit

I have a few screenies if you want to see them, just ask. I don't want to divert your project any further though. Good luck no matter which route you take

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