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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Right, I'm arriving to correct a few fallacies that have been banded about...

Ferc, I think your are a talented modder, however, frankly this took me 20 mins - now which looks more like Mission? Your big problem is trying to cut corners, and not taking time over things IMHO - and you shoot yourself in the foot as I know you can do quality work - but I have to ask if this took me 20 mins to make more like Mission than the above why are you getting offended by people telling you that the above blue Twilek doesn't look like mission?

As for not being able to change eyebrows... Please...

Cut corners? If I was doing that, I'd have taken one of the 2 K2 blue twi'lek skins and called it Mission. This best 2nd most quality work & people go so far as to call it a "paint job"? I earned this WIP by "the sweat of [my] brow". And, people to even go to name-calling? 'Cuz that's real mature. As to being self-centered, I am so self-centered that I only care for/about others.

I might as well start over on this or give up modding entirely. Those are the only options I can see from my perspective. (And, don't think to call me a drama king; Because I am just expressing my true feelings/thoughts.)

EDIT: @ChainZ - Sure; Love to see it.

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