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Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post
Uh? Ok then... explain to me the abundant number of quite geeky and zeitgeist-filled conversations I had as a teenager with many others in the plethora of conventions I went to in the late 80's on this topic?

No I am not, and I would thank you for not making assumptions (bad ones at that) when I have informed you otherwise in my statement.

And this all has absolutely nothing to do with what I told you or the point I was making.

Sorry, but the True Sith/Sith Race/True Sith Race was an idea that that did not originate here on these forums, unless Lucasforums was around RPG, sci-fi, and comic conventions in 1987-88?
Just to clarify, the term "True Sith" was used, specifically, in the late 80's. If it was anything other than that specific term, we have our wires crossed.

Also I didn't mean to state that the concept of the "True Sith" was created here, but that one particular definition of that term was - at the very least - popularized on these (and the EU) forums as referring to a species of alien.

Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post
Oy! Here we go again... canon... that mysterious thing that gives people the authoritah to tell others they don't know crap.
You can't argue with canon. The theories of fans are not actual parts of the Star Wars universe no matter how old they are or where they originated. Officially licensed media is. With all due respect, try to keep your ego in check.

Finally I may have worded my opening post badly, I didn't mean to say "I am right and you are wrong". All I meant to say was that there is no canonical definition of the term "True Sith", so defining them as a species is wrong, and added my own theory on the matter.

Edit: I would also like to add that I entitled this thread the "Great Sith Great Debate", not "The Truth About The True Sith".

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