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Originally Posted by mattig89ch View Post
Personally I would make the amount of force sensitive a random number of those who sign up (say 10%). I know alot of you will disagree with me about this last part, but these are my opinions nothing more.
That's an extremely bad idea. My evidence to back it up... At the moment, we don't know how the servers are going to be handled. Nor how the game will be released.

Assuming they will go the wow route and create Europe and US servers etc. There are many countries in Europe, most in different time zones, the launch time for the game will different for all these countries, which is basically going to mean that players in some country in Europe will go out and buy the game install it, download any patches, play, then make their Jedi, bam, there's your 10% cap.

Then 3 hours later, on the other side of Europe, the shop doors open, players buy the game, get home, install the game, download any patches, play the game, then make your Jedi "Ohh sorry the 10% cap has been reached".

So, a better way to do this, is cap the servers for a % of how many players there are, the more non Jedi that join, the more Jedi will be able to join. To be honest, I don't quite care who doesn't like this idea, I happen to think it's a good idea which will definitely decrease Jedi numbers, but not make them impossible to get and be made. (BTW I want this game)

@mattig89ch: For further reading, look at the first post of this page.

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