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Lightbulb Blaster deflecting with saber

I think this topic might have been lightly touched on in the past, but here's my idea anyway:

There has been some dispute on how the player would relfect back blaster shots with the saber. Some would like it JK style, some would like it as a force power, and some would like it as something else. I want "something else". I think it'd be fun addition to the gameplay if the player could reflect the blaster shots back by holding down your alternate fire key and the game will automatically hold your saber perpindicular to the ground to deflect. This would be a nuisance if this always happened when you'd hit your alt-fire key, but the game would just automatically do this when a blaster shot is in range. It could also be useful to have the alt-fire key as a defense key during a saber battle. (...maybe? There is the chance there would be some players that wouldn't let down their guard in MP.)

Don't think it'd work or it'd be fun? Well... some of you might be familier with a little game called Zelda (any of 'em). When an arrow or whatever would come toward you, you could usually deflect it back or just knock it out of the sky (with your sword). This kept you on your toes and added some gameplay variety from just the player always being on the offensive.

Now the real question is: what will determine how accurately the blaster shots are deflected back? This does get a little bit hairy here, but how about where your crosshair is? This could be a little too easy for one or two enemies, but in a big unit of troopers it could get hairy. (Or maybe it'd reflect back even more accurately with using some force power, or it might improve over time?) Hmmm...


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