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Originally Posted by adamqd
But isn't the whole Sith taking over the galaxy, Darkside vs Lightside thing a product of the exiled Dark Jedi's influence and lording of the Sith Species? Why would a separate sect of pre Dark Jedi Sith be concerned with the Jedi/Republic?
Because, maybe they percieve other life as a threat to their existence and supremacy (the Sith Order, which draws much inspiration from the species, does have some totalitarian leanings, after all).

Originally Posted by rictus135 View Post
I couldn't agree more. Thats why this is a debate.
Originally Posted by rictus135
Again I agree.
I'm glad we agree. If we're going to have a discussion, it should be civilised.

Originally Posted by rictus135
I'm not saying people must use my theory as opposed to the species theory, what I am saying is people shouldn't feel they have to subscribe to the most prevalent theory around. They can do whatever they want to do.
Agreed. We all have our own theories, and they're all as valid as each other.

Originally Posted by rictus135
I suppose that I am, but I must stress again that this is only intended as my opinion, not an indisputable fact.
Just the same with mine.

And it wouldn't surprise me if the Sith Lords and the True Sith are in some way connected with each other. But I guess we shall have to wait and see what form that connection will take.
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