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Nylen looked a bit nervous as she gawked at the Sith officer--in fact, more than a mere bit nervous. She looked as if she were about ready to faint or soil herself, whichever came first. It didn't take a Force Sensitive person to notice what she was really thinking: Can he read our minds? I hope not!

Luckily, the resourceful Chasi had an answer that was far more confident and believable than the Alpha Commander's had been, back during class: "We were both planning to go home for lunch," she said. "The food in this facility's cafeteria is nothing short of inedible, and we students need our strength to finish all the projects that we've got going on after school." She gestured toward Nylen. "This one's got a laboratory assignment--cloning--and we both have a ten-page paper due on the causes of the Clone Wars. We're buried!"

"Buried in homework, that is," said Nylen, "and if we're lucky, we can start on our assignments when we finish lunch and before we return back here." She smiled, her teeth shining like over-polished pearls. Would the Sith buy it?
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