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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
Because the Jedi and Sith organizations do not by any means have a monopoly on the Force, or the light and dark sides. There are numerous Force religions and philosophies in the Star Wars galaxy of both light and dark standing.

It is very plausible that this other group of dark side users may have had dreams of galactic conquest. One does not need be associated with fallen Jedi in order to have this goal in mind. Just look at the Yuuzhan Vong, for example.
I completely agree, and I'm well versed in Galactic history thank you, I just think that some folks theorize about the possible True Sith having the same goals and beef with Jedi as the the post Dark Jedi Sith, which if turns out to be true, is a bit lazy IMO, lets have them do somthin else lol
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