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"Our passes?" asked Nylen, sounding indignant. "You're not our principal!"

"Hey, wait a minute," said Chasi, stepping backward just a bit to protect her fellow student. "He's right, you know. We do need passes in order to go home, Nylen. Let's go see if the personnel in the office will let us have one." She paused, willing her friend to go along with her plan. If they had their passes, the proper authorization, then they could both leave school and be in the clear at the same time. Of course, they'd have to return, but hopefully the Sith officer and his Clone minions would be gone by then. She smiled.

"That's a good idea, Chasi," answered Nylen a little too quickly, and they both turned to go back inside the building. However, they noticed a tall armored figure standing behind them: that of Alpha Commander Kyr'am.

"What's he doing here?" gasped Nylen, sounding alarmed and annoyed, but once again Chasi had an answer that would avert a potential panic attack:

"It's Alpha Commander Kyr'am," she explained, "and he's come to give me a more detailed answer to the question I asked back in Cha Drithma's class. Right?" she asked the Clone, hoping that he had indeed followed them for that particular reason. Chasi had noticed his slight hesitation after he'd finished his rather murky reply to her and the rest of the Mon Cal's students.
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