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The two girls had run into some kind of sith soldier.

"Can I see your passes?" the sith trooper asked rather coldly.

The girls tried to lie their way out and turned around only to see him standing there.

"It's Alpha Commander Kyr'am," she explained, "and he's come to give me a more detailed answer to the question I asked back in Cha Drithma's class. Right?"

In order to get what he wanted, he would have to help out the two girls. Even if the soldier didn't believe him, he still was a Commander and for some reason one of Vader's favorites.

"I must speak to this girl in private over my answer and as for her friend here, I have to teach her a lesson in respect. You should leave while you're ahead trooper. I'm already going to file a report to Vader... and you know he doesn't like it when I have to report a soldier for doing something wrong. You two, follow me and you soldier don't let me catch you in here again."

The Clone Commander turned in a direction and walked down the hall hoping the girls would follow.
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