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"Can you believe that?" mumbled Nylen under her breath. "He talked back to a Sith!" Her violet eyes widened with incomprehension, whereas Chasi merely nodded and put a finger to her lips. She motioned for Nylen to follow her, as she herself was following Alpha Commander Kyr'am through the now-deserted hallways of the educational facility. Chasi caught a strong whiff of...

"Ugh! Processed vegetable matter. Not even bantha steaks," complained Miss Moranity, holding her nose. "Can't our cafeteria do any better these days?" She hoped this idle chatter would distract her from the anxious thoughts swarming through her mind--thoughts of conscription, enlistment, and war. Thoughts of being turned into some mindless automaton made out of flesh. Nylen entered an empty classroom behind Chasi and the Alpha Commander.

"Now, then," began Chasi, "is the Empire evil, or what? How did the Clone Wars even begin, anyway?" She winked at Kyr'am. "Yes, we need help with our homework. I figured there was no better way to get it than to ask one of the veterans who fought in it." She folded her hands in front of her, waiting.
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