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My idea for RC2

I have the perfect idea for RC2. Okay, so you know that some programming in the clones turned them against the Jedi, right? Well, say that something goes wrong with that programming in Delta Squad! And when they realize what’s happening, they decide to go against the empire! So first they go to Trandosha to rescue Sev where they are battling trandos and leftover droids to get to Sev. To do this, you must fly in an old gunship and take out the enemy drop ships and then you land and go for Sev. You infiltrate the base, and then you have to battle three trando elites, the ones with the heavy chain guns, along with ten trando mercs and also five slavers at once after you rescue Sev. The way you survive is because earlier before you rescued Sev you found some new armor suits meant for Imperial Commandos that have a stronger shield and jump higher and are totally silver black, but they later paint the sign of the Republic on the shoulders. You also have new weapons like the imperial commandos guns which look like the old ones but shoot red bolts, and those are more powerful, and you also have new rocket launchers that can take out a whole elite. You are also armed with the rest of the older weapons, except for a more powerful sniper that shoots red bolts. After you rescue Sev, you learn there from a data bank that Fixer sliced that there are other commandos inside there, called Gamma squad. They too have not been affected by the Order 66 command, and Delta squad rescues them, and then they escape the base on one of the gun ships, and then about a week away from Trandosha they discover the RAS Prosecutor in space. The Republic left it in space because it was too heavily damaged in the fight with the droids in RC1. They land in the ship, and they discover that the engines are intact and only need repairs. They repair them in three weeks, and then they head off to Kamino to make some new clones to battle against the empire. Unfortunately, there was a defect using a copy of a copy, for they used Delta 38 to clone them, and the clones were not as strong as they were supposed to be, and when the empire showed up the defective clones were slaughtered. Only about four dozen escaped with Delta and Gamma squad on the gun ships, and then they head off to Naboo to try and help the resistance there because the empire is headed there to attack the remaining Jedi there along with the rebels. But when Vader shows up, you bug out and you manage to rescue about five Jedi, fifty rebels, and the queen. You regroup and you go to Bellassa to rescue an old Jedi padawan named Feris Olin. To do this, you must get through the surrounding space in an X-Wing where a bunch of Imperial fighters are waiting for you and there is a tremendous space battle. You and the resistance win, and then you must touch down on the planet and then you fly through the streets on a speeder and shoot down some imperials on speeders who are trying to get word back to their base, and then you must fly to the prison on the speeder. This is where you will rescue Feris for the resistance that he started, called The Eleven. You try to take Feris off planet to try and get him away, but he must stay on Bellassa to help the resistance and to keep his business, Olin/ Lands, going with his partner Roan Lands. You leave the planet, and Boss says, “There will be others to save. And we’ll find them. All of them. Delta and Gamma squad, lock and load!” and the game ends there. Now, in Multiplayer, you should be able to play as rebels, Empire, Jedi vs. Imperials, Commandos, trandos and droids, and there should be Jedi death matches, along with maps where you can fly speeders and X-Wings and gun ships, along with the regular matches from RC1. You should have the same weapons as in RC1, along with the new weapons, like the rebel blasters and imperial blasters and the same trando weapons as in RC1, and also the new rocket launcher. And that is my idea for RC2. I hope you like it.
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