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Kyr'am led the two girls into an empty classroom and waited for them to enter before closing the door.

"Well the good news is that even if that sith is a higher rank than me I won't get in trouble for it."

is the Empire evil, or what? How did the Clone Wars even begin, anyway?" She winked at Kyr'am. "Yes, we need help with our homework. I figured there was no better way to get it than to ask one of the veterans who fought in it."

"Alright I'll help you with your homework assignment but I need your help with something. I saw the clock change and I have a very good feeling it was you. So I'm also guessing you're force sensitive... I was wondering if you could possibly locate two jedi for me... Bardan Julisk and..." his voice choked up a little at the next name "Etain Tur-Makan... I don't want to hurt them, I just need to know if they're okay."

Those were the only two jedi he cared about and he really needed to know if they were alive or not. If they were he would go try to find them just to see how they're doing, he'd tell Vader he was on recon or something. He wanted to see them again... espically Etain.
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