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Originally Posted by Allronix View Post
Malak? Bomb planet to ash. No military salvage, no infrastructure. No Dark Jedi recruits. Just a useless ball of poison rock. Total waste. Worse, the Republic has an atrocity to rally around and inspire their troops. Malak proves he's good for brute force, but that's the ONLY thing that guy can do. He's good as an enforcer, but as the one who will carry out the Big Plan? Not so much.
Analyzing Malak's past, one could easily identify his eagerness to blow particularly diffcult to remove obstacles to smithreens. However, despite his recklessness and lack of subttlety, even Malak must have enough tactical sense to stay on top of the Sith food-chain for the time he did.

That's just a guess, though. I think he wouldn't blow Coruscant of the space charts if he had the chance to. He'd much rather invade the planet with his natural brutality, but would try his best to conservate the economy of the place. Of course, the Star Forge might have been the reason as to why he could keep his throne.


.Bioshock inspiration.

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