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Originally Posted by M@RS View Post
[...]there are 500 different historical accounts saying that they all saw Jesus alive.
Could you, perhaps, name these "500 different historical accounts?" Or just 250. Tell you what, name just one. But keep in mind that the so-called gospels of Mark, John, Luke, and Matthew (as well as the 'Q' document) are not historical accounts since two of these rely on two others heavily and neither is demonstrated to be contemporary to anyone that might have been an actual witness to the alleged events. Moreover, inconsistencies between them work to invalidate them.

But I digress, this is, after all, a thread on evolution. As such, I'll close the critique in my previous paragraph with the notion that the mythology surrounding Jesus is evidence of religious evolution. Cultures evolve in much the same manner as nature with outside and inside selective pressures, etc.

While I apologize for my digression, I should be permitted some latitude since it's clear that your intent for this thread wasn't to discuss science but superstition. It's not a thread on evolution but one that allows you a soapbox to proselytize your religion.

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