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Maybe "Psychonauts: The Extended Version"?

Uh... Yeah. I think it's a good idea for DF to rerelease Psychonauts.
Now let me just explain as to what I would see as changed.

Yep, a co-op mode. Psychonauts is the perfect game for it. It's got lots of things to beat up, burn, drown, and shoot.
I think, maybe, a 1-computer-2-controllers mode, a LAN co-op mode, and an internet co-op mode that pairs you up with somebody random.
What about a split-screen mode when the camera can't track both at the same time on the same screen?
And different skins to be used?

PS3 and Xbox360 full support
Psychonauts kind of works on the X360 and kind of works on 20, 60, and 80-gig versions of the PS3. You can't emulate it on the 40, 80, and 160-gig versions.
Even when it does work, it works kind of sloppily.
So, a good idea is to release it in 3 formats: PS3 Blu-Ray, X360 DVD, and PC DVD.
I don't know. It seems like a good idea.
Oh, and you can put A LOT of stuff on a Blu Ray disk, what with it being able to contain 50 gigs of information.

But... Blu Ray disks cost a lot to the publisher. So, there is another way: Digital content delivery... I dunno. PS3 store and stuff. And Steam.
BTW, about Steam: It could have achievements, like on every X360 game and in TF2 and HL2. And even though most achievements are just bragging rights rewards, maybe they can unlock new things?

Just examples:

Psi-Cadet: Complete the Basic Braining level.
And the Seas Boiled White with His Rage: Complete the Milkman Conspiracy level.
Assassin: Shoot 10 secret agents with the Psi-blast.
Marksman: Shoot 100 enemies with the Psi-blast.
Get rich quick!!!: Collect 10000 Psi-arrows in all.
Domo Arigato Mr. Loboto: Get to the Point of No Return.
Razputin the Psychonaut: Complete the game. Unlocks co-op mode and new skins.
Scavenger: Complete the Scavenger Hunt. Unlocks another Hunt, this time, after just five objects. And very, very, very hard.
Rank Chaser: Gain the rank 100.
Perfectionist: Complete the whole game, which means getting EVERYTHING.
Psychonaut, perfectionist, zombie extraordinare: Retrieve all of the kids' brains.

Something like that anyway.
And maybe some improved graphics? And less glitches? And more bonus stuff? And a developer commentary mode?

And a freeroam mode after the end. It's possible.
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