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Well, those and Dantooine are the only examples we get to see in-game.

As for how he was able to keep it? Well, it's an example of a fundamental flaw in the Sith before Bane said "Screw this, two only." Namely, that the title was held by not whoever was the most clever or devious, but whoever could kill the last guy. This type of succession favored folks who were really good with brawling at the expense of the expense of the long-term planners.

And while Revan wanted Telos, the way it was taken is not Revan's style. As we saw in the Mical conversation, Revan's style was very surgical. Kill politicians, hit a few cities, and keep the infrastructure intact. Furthermore, Atton admits that the war would be won by whoever had the most saber-swingers. Telos would have been a goldmine with all those Sensitives the Jedi discarded. And even a (at the time) low-level merc like Canderous knew that Malak gave the order. If such a thing was common knowledge, it definitely implies that Revan and Malak had a disagreement over it.

Yes, Revan wanted the planet. Yes, Revan told Malak to take the planet. However, I'm of the theory that it was a test to see if Malak had any tactical sence or grasp of the Big Picture. Malak's carpet bombing proved he didn't, and Revan (being the tactical brains of the operation) probably told him in no undertain terms what a fool he was and how much was wasted.

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