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Originally Posted by rictus135 View Post
Just to clarify, the term "True Sith" was used, specifically, in the late 80's. If it was anything other than that specific term, we have our wires crossed.
There is something crossed here... They were consistently referred to as some sort of mysterious elder race... True Sith, The True Sith Race, etc.

Originally Posted by rictus135 View Post
Also I didn't mean to state that the concept of the "True Sith" was created here, but that one particular definition of that term was - at the very least - popularized on these (and the EU) forums as referring to a species of alien.
This is a Star Wars fan forum... so it being discussed here and promoted here is to be expected. But you indeed made some blanket statements/assumptions.

I will ignore the 'canon' debate... as they are fruitless to participate in.

But I do wish to make one final point...

Originally Posted by rictus135 View Post
With all due respect, try to keep your ego in check.
So you felt a need to slip in a small snide personal remark because you don't like what I have said here?

You need to deal with the topic, if you feel a need to analyze the poster like you did then you need to re-think why you are posting at all... and yes it was indeed your intention to take a personal 'jab' at me with this remark. Personal observations/attacks are never a good thing to do in a discussion.

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