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Originally Posted by Aku View Post
Aside from people underestimating the hardware of the consoles, the numbers actually can't be directly comparedto a PC when it comes to gaming since unlike PCs, this hardware is completely dedicated (and in many cases specifically adapted) to the games it runs and that makes it optimized in a whole different way.
That's why PC ports often have bad optimization too ^^

Yea, I honestly have no problem with consoles - I just dislike the fact that in order to get an Xbox 360, I will need:
1) Get the unit itself, $300 or so.
2) Probably will need to be wireless, in which case, from what I know I have to get some special wireless adapter for it (More money...)
3) My TV probably isnt even worth using really, so I would want to hook it up to my monitor which probably wouldnt work since its 16:10 - even though it has HDMI. So I would either have to use an older TV or buy a new one (Eventually).
4) In order to play online I need that Xbox Live Gold crap, afaik, which is more money... granted, not much, but I can easily play PC games online with what we pay for internet now, and I can do much much more to boot.

I don't know, I just feel like they are trying to milk everyone for money with alot of this stuff, which I don't like. And lately mostly every PC game coming out that I can see, aside from a few basically suck (At least, the games type I like to play), and the only ones that test my graphics card is Crysis...

The xbox360 looks to be worth it (So does the PS3, honestly - and they aren't going to crap bricks if you stick Linux on it...), but there just isnt the money to spend on it all right now.
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