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Originally Posted by ParaCore View Post
Probably will need to be wireless, in which case, from what I know I have to get some special wireless adapter for it (More money...)
Indeed. I got mine with a bundle.
Originally Posted by ParaCore View Post
My TV probably isnt even worth using really, so I would want to hook it up to my monitor which probably wouldnt work since its 16:10 - even though it has HDMI. So I would either have to use an older TV or buy a new one (Eventually).
You said you run on 1680x1050, right? That would make it the same as mine. Worry not, it runs like a charm and looks great, even more so if you have HDMI (I have an old 360 so mine lacks HDMI ports completely)
Originally Posted by ParaCore View Post
In order to play online I need that Xbox Live Gold crap, afaik, which is more money... granted, not much, but I can easily play PC games online with what we pay for internet now, and I can do much much more to boot.
Yeah, that's the biggest downside.
On the other hand, the 360 has a superior online service compared to that of PS3 or Wii and if you're starting out with TFU, then you won't have a need of online play. You still get access to the online service without paying and you get one month of free online at first.
The chances of them making Xbox Live Gold free are huge though. It is probable that it is going to happen soon enough.

A console doesn't require periodic upgrades though (that whole techno-babble regarding optimization means there'll be more and more advanced games coming out regardless) so it'll basically be good for its entire lifetime (which is likely to be at least three to five more years for the current gen consoles.)
In that sense, it's way cheaper than a PC xD
And yes, I agree that consoles are getting all the cool titles right now. Fortunately, many of them are multi-platform ^^
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