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Hi there!

I've been playing through KotOR with your WotOR mod, and loved it. However I've ran into an interesting little problem which I'm not sure how to fix. If this has already been mentioned then I overlooked it, and if I could be pointed in the right direction that'd be wonderful.

After your encounter with Bastila within the Temple, I go back to the Ebon Hawk, go through all the dialogue, and then fly off to the Star Forge. Problem is, the cutscene where Carth receives the transmission from the Admiral won't play. The cinema of the Hawk taking off woks fine, but after that the screen goes black. I hear music playing and I can still see/move my cursor. I can also select the menus and other items if I move the cursor to the appropriate spots on the screen.

I know it isn't conflicting with another mod. I uninstalled everything then added my mods in one by one. When WotOR was the only mod installed, I still receive the problem.

Any advice? I really don't want to have to give up this mod.
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