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Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post
So you felt a need to slip in a small snide personal remark because you don't like what I have said here?

You need to deal with the topic, if you feel a need to analyze the poster like you did then you need to re-think why you are posting at all... and yes it was indeed your intention to take a personal 'jab' at me with this remark. Personal observations/attacks are never a good thing to do in a discussion.
I meant it more as a cautionary remark than personal jab. You seemed to be saying that canon should take a backseat to your own opinion.
I don't think it is appropriate to disregard canon, and stating that contents of LucasArts licensed material are invalid on the LucasForums seems like a much worse idea than a snide remark. To be perfectly frank, I still believe my comment is quite reasonable.

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