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Well, I finally could be bothered writing another chap, and here it is, prepare for a few shocks
Chapter 7 - Visions

Hallucinations, visions, wrong decisions...

Revan stood outside of the enclave, staring at the moon, like him and Bastila used to.
He couldn’t get any sleep, thinking about the next day, Bastila’s funeral. He picked up a pebble and skipped it across the lake, an old past time. He turned around to go back to the enclave, but was stopped by a familiar face.

“Bastila? Is it really you?” There she was, standing in front of Revan. His eyes went watery, as he went to hug her, only for her to disappear. “Where’d you go?” He turned again to see the Dark Jedi he killed, staring him in the eye. Revan reached for his saber, but when he looked up, he was gone. He looked around, no sign of Bastila or the Dark Jedi. “I need some sleep, I’m having these stupid hallucinations again.” Revan thought, and he went back to the enclave, with a big day ahead of him...


The funeral started without a hitch. The funeral was held outside, among the mountains to the west of the enclave, Bastila and Revan’s old hang out spot. It was a beautiful day, the sun shining, and just a slight breeze, ideal conditions. Everyone was in a formal suit, a first for Revan, who always wore his robes.
Everyone who was invited turned up, except for Zez-Kai Ell. Revan leaned over to Master Kavar.

“Kavar, where’s Zez-Kai Ell?” Revan asked. But Kavar just gave him a blank stare.

“Revan, Zez-Kai Ell is dead, he died at the hands of Kreia, remember?” Revan was taken aback, “Zez-Kai Ell, dead?” Revan thought to himself. Something fishy was going on. Revan ran through all the memories of him and Zez-Kai Ell talking. He couldn’t be dead, he turned to Kavar again, but he already left. Revan was left to ponder his words by himself. There were so many people there, yet Revan never felt so alone...

The funeral continued on as planned, it got to the part where Revan would read his eulogy. He stood up and walked to the front. A cool Dantooine breeze was in the air, and Revan shuddered.

“I decided to write my eulogy in the form of a poem, as some of you may know, I do like to write poetry in my spare time.” Revan coughed slightly, before continuing.

“When Winter comes
Warm turns to cold
This is where fragile things
Like to unfold

Sculptures are made
Out of ice
People all snug, and warm
In their homes so nice

But when Summer comes
It all must end
Because the ice
It can't defend

You left us in body
But in spirit you remain
And because of your love
Strength, I will gain”

A tear trickled down Revan’s face as he stuttered.

“You brought me happiness
Laughter and love
You were strong yet sensitive
Like an angelic dove

Darkness came
But you remained
You stayed with me
Through torture and greed

If there’s one thing
That should’ve been
Instead of you
It should’ve been me”

Everyone clapped at the poem, and Revan nodded, and managed out a thank you, among his tears.

“A wise man once told me, You never realise how much you really love someone, until they’re gone. And he was spot on. I loved Bastila with all my heart, and now that she’s gone, that’s only been strengthened. I ask none of you to forget her, and to always remember her lovely smile, and the warmth and happiness, she brought to us all. Thank you.” Revan trudged off the stage in tears, his ears filled with sound of applause, the day went off perfectly, and it was all thanks to Revan.

The day ended with a soft, musical number, performed by Bith that Revan had hired. As people were leaving, the padawans at the enclave cleaned up the funeral, removing the chairs and the altar, and anything else they used for it, while Revan sat by the lake. He looked into the water to see Bastila’s face staring back at him, before her face dissipated into the Dark Jedi, and then into nothing.

“Could Zez-Kai Ell really be dead? Was I just imagining him the whole time, when it was really someone else I was talking to?” Revan sat there for a few moments, thinking about what Kavar had told him, before he shifted his mind to Bastila.

“Through black days, through black nights, I know you’ll be with me. When the world has turned its back, when the days have turned pitch black, I know you’ll be with me.” His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of blaster fire from the enclave. Revan picked himself up and sprinted to check out what was going on. There were Sith overrunning the enclave. Padawans fell as the more experienced Sith gunned them down. A little 7 year old was shaking in the corner, as a Sith lifted a blaster to his head.

“ENOUGH!!” Revan yelled, picking up the Sith and flinging him into a wall with the Force. The other Sith realised he was there, and focused their gunfire on him. Revan masterfully dodged and weaved his way through the blaster fire, using the full power of the Force one every Sith he came across, until there were none left. Revan ended up at the front door, on one knee, with his head down and him filling his lungs with air. A soft clapping was heard and Revan looked up, and was immediately in shock of what he saw. The Dark Jedi.

“I, I,” Revan stuttered, lost for words, “I killed you.” The Dark Jedi smirked.

Another wave of Sith came into the enclave, and captured Kavar and any remaining Jedi, and took them hostage.

“You wish you killed me, but it was really a pathetic Sith soldier I stuck there, I knew you’d come for me, and I’d rather he died.” He took a step forward, then another, then another, as Revan kept walking backwards, until he was in the corner.

“Bow down Revan, sell your soul to me!” He ignited his lightsaber and swung, but Revan rolled out of the way.

“I really wish I didn’t leave my saber in my room.” Revan thought to himself. Besides the Force and his razor sharp wits, he was defenceless. He needed to get to his room. He sprinted into the corridor, with the Dark Jedi in pursuit.

“You can’t hide from me Revan, I’ll hunt you down without mercy, I’ll hunt you down all nightmare long.” Once again there were Sith in Revan’s way, but he still destroyed them without breaking a sweat. “Surrender unto me Revan.” His voice echoed down the hall as Revan kept running, he took a left before bumping into some scared padawans.

“You there, you weren’t found?” The padawans shook their heads. “Well run, find a better hiding spot, somewhere in the mountains, they’re coming. GO!!” The padawans did as Revan told them and quickly ran outside. Revan took another left until he found his room.

“Great, the door’s sealed.” Revan focused all his energy and blew the door down. “No time to knock.” He looked around for his saber, but he only saw Bastila, sitting on the bed. She winked at him, and once again vanished, leaving Revan dumbfounded. He took another look around, and found his saber behind the door, he quickly picked it up, ready for action. “It’s show time.”
He cautiously moved out of his room, when a loud whooshing sound filled the halls.

“You’re too late Revan.” The Dark Jedi said, “You’re friends have already been taken off this planet, it’s just you and me, and some of my backup left. You’re outnumbered.”

“So long as Bastila’s spirit is with me, I can’t lose.” Revan lunged in, screaming. “THIS IS FOR BASTILA!!” When the whole room suddenly went black...
HOpe you enjoyed it, remember to reply

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