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This is pathetic.

Their 'reason' for not coming to the PC has absolutely no substance at all to it - only someone utterly unfamiliar with PCs would accept that. Frankly, I think it's because they themselves don't understand PC gaming, and perhaps knew that we would despise the dumbed-down game they've presented.

Console hardware *IS* inferior to PC hardware. I played the demo on the PS3 - which should pretty much be the 'best' version of the game. There was absolutely NOTHING there that hasn't been done on PCs in the last two years +. You would *not* need a "$4000 computer" to play this.

In fact, you can run Crysis rather handsomly on a $700 PC. They're trying to insist that their crappy physics (that is *NOT* present everywhere, and is hardly noticeable overall) would melt that rig, that their game is better looking than Crysis.

No, that's an outright lie.

Performance reasons is NOT the real reason. Why don't you tell us the truth?
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